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Top-down multiplayer brawler Rum Ram is out on Steam

by: Elliot -
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Looking for something quick and easy to get into with some friends this weekend? Rum Ram might be just the thing to get the party started. Rum Ram is made with two to four players in mind and currently has four different game modes to play with. Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are self-explanatory; One-Shot is a one-hit, one-death mode, and Time Bomb places a moving bomb on the map for players to avoid. The action looks fast, and the mechanics look easy enough to learn in under a minute. “The game is currently available on Steam with four different maps, game modes, and several mechanics. Rum Ram is developed with Unity 3D and supports any available controller.”

Developers Pavlos Alifragis and Purple Cow are looking to add more content in future updates, like additional features and localization. There are plans for a competitive league where players will gather points and climb the ranks.