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Season 7 sails into Sea of Thieves

by: Kyle -
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Season 7 of Sea of Thieves has begun. In this season you can finally be a captain of your own ship. To be a captain, you must buy a ship with your gold. 250,000 for a sloop, 375,000 for a brigantine, and 500,000 for a galleon. Once you buy a ship, you can then name your ship. You can customize your ship even more, like customizing the captain's cabin, putting trinkets on the walls and shelfs, and more. You can save what you have on your ship so once you load into another game, the trinkets, hull livery, and more will be the same as you last sailed, this goes for battle scars too. 

Once I saw the things coming in season 7, I had to reinstall Sea of Thieves. I wanted to experience everything that was coming for myself since I have played it before and thought that it was fun.