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Mortal Kombat speedrunner beats Mortal Kombat 2 without taking a single hit of damage

by: Nathan -
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Anyone who played Midway games in the arcades back in the 90s will know all about their BS cheating AI that they put into their games.

Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam are two of the most notorious examples with cheating AI that will read your inputs and react faster than human ever could in Mortal Kombat 2 to the CPU draining 3s like crazy and stealing/blocking all your shots in NBA Jam. Basically if you want to beat these games you need to know how to exploit the AI. 

Beating these games is tough enough but speedrunner Tenka's youtube channel is dedicated to a plethora of speed runs from various Mortal Kombat games with a number of different characters. 

But Tenka decided to challenge himself. How so? Beat Mortal Kombat 2 without taking a single hit of damage. And he did just that in an amazing run with Mileena that only took 7 minute and 58 seconds. 

GG dude! GG!

Check out his amazing no hit speed run below on his official Youtube channel.