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Wildmender Demo released as Part of Steam Survival Fest

by: Sheyne -
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If you've been on Steam lately you'll have noticed that they are promoting Steam Survival week. The focus is on new and upcoming survival games along with sales on currently released games of that genre. As part of the event, a new demo for Wildmender was made available by Muse Games.

Wildmender is an upcoming survival exploration game with a twist. Your goal is to explore the world, commune with spirits and construct buildings and more to learn how to "counter the threats facing your world and build a better world alone or with a friend in 2-player online co-op." according to Muse Games.

Wildmender will be available for PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series S and Series X in 2023. You can download the demo here. The steam Survival Fest runs from August 1st to August 8th.