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South of the Circle lands in the Arctic (and on consoles and PC) today

by: Eric -
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11 bit studios (that studio name is not capitalized on purpose, y'all) is an interesting publisher. While not exactly a household name, 11 bit has quietly released a number of titles over the past couple of years that could now be considered classics - stuff like Children of Morta, Moonlighter, Frostpunk, and This War of Mine. According to its website, 11 bit studios is interested in "universes filled with stories that provoke thought, ask ambiguous questions, and that explore the unknown." Pretty heady stuff, but as shown by its output, 11 bit carefully puts its money where its mouth is. 

Which leads us to today's release of South of the Circle. Developed by State of Play, South of the Circle is 11 bit's latest offering. A brief adventure title, South of the Circle tells a Cold War-era tale of an academic stranded in Antarctica. As he wanders about the landscape trying to survive, he reflects on his past, his choices, and how his decisions landed him where he is today. It sounds awesome, the type of compelling storytelling that 11 bit studios has been championing. Take a look at the below trailer for the general vibe of the game:

South of the Circle is available today on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.