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Survival: Fountain of Youth - Demo out on Steam

by: Sheyne -
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Odinsoft has released an updated demo for Survival: Fountain of Youth, an open world single player survival game scheduled to launch Q1 of 2023. The game takes place in the 16th century Caribbean islands, and you are a shipwreck survivor from Juan Ponce de Leon’s expedition that was in search of the fountain of youth.

To stay alive, you need to forage for materials and food while keeping yourself safe from dangerous wildlife, starvation, and dehydration. Craft tools, shelters and develop your skills as there are hundreds of items that can be crafted, from weapons and shelters, to ships and armor. There is more than just survival according to Odinsoft:

“Build sea-faring vessels and travel to different islands, transporting vital commodities to and from each location. Master five vessel types, including basic rafts, schooners, and catamarans, upgrading them for added durability and increased storage space to create a floating base. Fish off the side of boats, cook food for long journeys, and spend restful nights sleeping onboard. Marine exploration is vital to finding new locations, but be wary, because sudden storms and unpredictable currents can change the tide of any expedition.

Traverse over 20 islands, bright and vivid during the day and home to a variety of flora, fauna, and resources awaiting discovery. Map nearby surroundings to get a lay of the land and move towards points of interest to uncover traces of former shipmates and long-forgotten secrets left by an ancient civilization.

Survival: Fountain of Youth provides a deep single-player survival experience set against a historically inspired backdrop. Triumph over nature: ward off dangerous predators like wolves and sharks, take refuge from unpredictable weather, and more all while exploring a richly detailed collection of islands. Follow the main story threads or head into the open-world environment to carve creative new paths forward in the face of myriad challenges.”

The updated demo is out now on Steam now.