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Season Pass One launches on Sniper Elite 5

by: Rob -
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A mission, a weapon pack, and a multiplayer map are all incoming to Sniper Elite 5 on all platforms as part of the Season Pass One bundle. The map is free for all players, the mission and pack do require the DLC purchase. 

The new Landing Force mission is inspired by the film "The Guns of Navarone." Nazis have installed a huge gun battery on an island off the coast of France, halting the Allied invasion. Sneak in under cover of darkness, destroy the guns, and signal the Allies the mission is safe to proceed. The weapon pack includes the D.L. Carbine rifle and PPSH submachine gun. The carbine is one of the quietest weapons to grace the game, giving you an option of taking down targets at range with minimal noise. The PPSH is a high fire rate submachine gun, for when stealth is our the window and you just need to mow down opposition to escape a sticky situation. Flooded Village is the new multiplayer map, inspired by D-day at Normandy when the Nazis opened locks to flood the battlefield and hold the Allies back. 

The Season Pass One is $35 on the various digital marketplaces for each platform and gives access to this current content as well as future season one releases. The Landing Force mission and weapon pack can be purchased as standalone content without the pass for $15. Additionally, the P.1938 Suppressed Pistol, formerly exclusive as pre-order content, can also be purchased on the marketplaces for $4. There is a launch trailer for the new content, but it is age-gated. Follow this link for that trailer, or just enjoy the launch trailer below.