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Arcade nostalgia comes home with Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium

by: Rob -
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Following up on the Arcade Stadium from last year comes the launch of Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium. 2nd Stadium includes online leaderboards, display settings, screen filters, arcade cabinet overlay frames, speed and difficult level settings, a rewind button, and invincibility mode. 

The bundle with all 32 games in the Stadium is $40 but what's nice is that you can buy individual games for just $4 each. So while the bundle is obviously a better deal at a little over $1 per game, if you only have an interest in a few of the game lineup there is a cheaper route to get there. We've already detailed all 32 games in the lineup and anyone who downloads the stadium will get SONSON for free as well as some other free goodies for early adopters like an arcade cabinet frames pack available through August 5th and some other free game bundles if you act before September 30th. 

Hopefully there is a little something for everyone in the Stadium, with fighting games, side scrollers and other action games, but some highlights definitely seem to be the collection of various Mega Man and Street Fighter games.