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If you think Saints Row's character creator is good, check out Chimeraland's unholy creature generator

by: Eric -
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Saints Row's character creator is so robust that you can download it right now - weeks before the game releases - and start tinkering around to create your idea of the perfect Saints boss. But can you be a hamster? I think not.

But you can in Chimeraland, a new survival MMO recently released on PC and mobile. According to a recent press release, in Chimeraland, "you can choose whether to play as a boring ol’ human or a jellyfish person, a wereshark, dragonborn, or really anything in between, no matter how monstrous." Just one look at the trailer below confirms that you have a wild variety of choices at your disposal. Take a gander at that team that is rushing into battle. 

It also looks like the monsters are combinations of known animals. When that flying whale eats that whatever-it-is, it gains some of the whatever's traits, sprouting wings and such. The game even allows you to capture creatures and them mash them together yourself to create your own unholy fiends. Gotta breed 'em all. Or feed 'em all to each other.

Chimeraland is free to play, and out now on PC and Mobile, so go ahead and give it a whirl. Make your own baby cow person and have at it!