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Yet Another Fantasy Title riffs on traditional fantasy tropes

by: Elliot -
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Ever get tired of the same old same old? Every tower has a princess just waiting to be kissed. Every orc is out for blood. If you’re tired of that then perhaps Yet Another Fantasy Title might hit the right spot. “As a simple outlaw, who’d normally be prey for the protagonist in some side quest, you slew the kingdom’s savior and took his unicorn stead. Now it’s up to you to kill the dragon, steal the Ring and get some rep in the castle’s hood.” You can choose to follow the main quest, or create your own path, on stead of your choosing, like a wolf, or even a unicorn.


Main game features:

  • Absurd Yet So Classical Fantasy Open-World Game: YAFT is filled with various pop-culture references and humor. Find them all on your way to the dragon, and slay this so-called fire-breathin' pain in the neck.
  • Plot twists yet such a predictable story: Kill The Chosen One, take over his quest, and set on a journey to win half of the princess and a hand of the kingdom. Or maybe there is no princess in this story?
  • Crazy yet so typical side quests: Drink with ogres, fight big bad trolls, and rob gold-digging goblins of the precious ring. Let a drunk-on-potion wizard send you on various missions, and wreak havoc - whenever and however you want. Just mind the guards - they may have something against that.
  • MAGIC, because what would be a fantasy game without a good old fireball: Don’t want to fight with a sword and bow? Try magic! Send fireballs to turn your enemies into ashes. Freeze them and let them live forever as ice statues. Create a blizzard and fry those who decide to oppose you.
  • Horse, Donkey, Wolf, and Unicorn riding: Find various rides and decide whether to explore the world on the back of a regular horse, magical unicorn, furry wolf, or stubborn donkey. And if you’re not a fan of animals, you can always go on foot.
  • 15 different weapons of mayhem: A sword and a bow won’t be your only weapons. Choose from a dozen or so different ones to find which are the best to fight monsters, and which are better for humans.

Yet Another Fantasy Title doesn't have a release date yet, but you can wishlist the game on Steam