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The Tale of Bistun is inspired by a 12th century epic poem

by: Elliot -
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I was immediately drawn to the color and art of The Tale of Bistun. Then when I learned the story of the game is inspired by a 12th century epic poem I was completely on board. “The Tale of Bistun follows an amnesiac stone-carver on his journey up the slopes of the intimidating Mount Bistun. He’ll have to battle legions of monstrous foes using fast-paced, melee combat and powerful magical abilities as he explores the real world and the mysterious place of forgotten memories, known as the Revelations Realm, in search of answers. All the while, a mysterious voice encourages him to keep going, recounting his every step and keeping close tabs on his quest through these beautiful but blight-infested lands.” One of the other interesting bits about Tale of Bistun is that it is a modern re-telling of the classic Persian romance, an epic poem from the 12th century, “Khosrow and Shirin”, the story is about love, loss, and adventure through a magical land.

The Tale of Bistun arrives on July 13 for PC, Xbox One, and Series S|X.