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Fun Train is telling a little story with mixed reality trailers for The Twilight Zone VR

by: Eric -
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Fun Train, the evil VR masterminds behind The Exorcist: Legion VR (and Tarzan, and the upcoming Exorcist sequel SIN) have been gearing up for the launch of The Twilight Zone VR. As part of that release strategy, the company has been releasing brief mixed reality trailers, which (so far) - when strung together - tell a little story.

Check it out - watch this trailer first:

Okay, now check out the next one, which picks up right where the teaser left off.

There is definitely a thing going on there. It will be interesting to see if they release more trailers for subsequent episodes with this guy passing through doorways into new realities.

There are three episodes in the overall game, but interestingly, Fun Train refers to these as "initial" episodes in a recent press release, which leads me to believe that if these episodes are successful, more will be forthcoming. Here are the official synopses for the three scheduled releases:

  • "Character Building "- A video game director discovers that workplace cruelty is a dangerous game.

  • "Terror Firma" - After an environmental apocalypse, one survivor must face mysterious phantoms as he searches the city ruins for a glimmer of hope.

  • "Deadline Earth" - The clock is ticking for a science fiction writer who finds himself captive on an insidious alien vessel.

The Twilight Zone VR is scheduled to launch on July 14, and you can wishlist the game right now on the Oculus Quest store.