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Clowning Around pack for WWE 2K22 available now

by: Nathan -
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The next batch of WWE 2K22 DLC is available now across all platforms. 

The coolest thing about this is you get the short lived heel Doink The Clown. When he first debuted he was like Pennywise, an evil Clown that made kids cry. Then they turned him face, added Dink and the gimmick pretty much lost what made it special. Also you get Ronda Rousey, one of the biggest clowns in the world, so this pack is appropriately named. 

Here is everyone coming in the pack... 

  • Doink The Clown
  • British Bulldog 
  • Ronda Rousey 
  • Rick Boogs
  • Doudrop
  • Mr. T