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Atari mashes up the hits later this year in Atari Mania

by: Eric -
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Here at Gaming Nexus, we love some Atari. Something about the nostalgia combined with the blistering difficulty brings us clamoring for more every time Atari releases on of its remake/adaptations on modern consoles. It hurts us, but it hurts us good.

But Atari has something different up its sleeve for it's 50th birthday celebration. At some point later this year, Atari will be releasing a completely new game - Atari Mania - which mashes up a ton of games from the company's storied history. 

In Atari Mania, players will take on the role of the "Caretaker of the Atari Vault". When things at your job go awry, you will find yourself playing your way though over 150 microgames, made up of classic titles that have begun to warp, splinter, and merge with each other. It's a pretty cool idea that will be able to capitalize on some of Atari's classic gameplay mechanics while keeping the whole thing fresh and new. 

 According to a recent press release, "you will have to beat killer combinations of well-known Atari properties, solve puzzles, complete challenges, and beat the clock, all with fun Atari easter eggs to uncover along the way. As you advance, you will complete runs of increasingly difficult microgames in randomly generated order, before facing a series of epic boss battles."

Atari Mania will release on Atari VCS, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year for $19.99.