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The Game of Life 2 heads to Playstation consoles

by: Rob -
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Already available for PC, mobile, and on the Switch, The Game of Life 2 is celebrating it's arrival into the Sony console eco-system with a 20% discount for PS Plus subscribers. Right now you might be asking "The Game of Life? Isn't that a boardgame from decades ago?" Yes. Yes it is. But it's also a best selling mobile game inspired from the classic table top one from Hasbo and is now being ported on to multiple systems. And Marmalade Game Studio, the folks behind the video game, seem to know what they are up to, having also taken loads of other board games into the digital space, like Monopoly, Battleship, Cluedo, and even Jumanji. 

You can find the latest version of The Game of Life 2 on the Playstation Store or the other various digital marketplaces like Steam, Nintendo eShop, or the mobile app stores.