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The Fall Guys free to play update is almost here with a brand new trailer

by: Nathan -
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The huge free to play update for Fall Guys goes live tomorrow and we got a new gameplay trailer showing off some of the new events coming in the update.

Fall Guys will go free to play tomorrow and will also appear on more consoles including the Xbox, Switch and the Epic Game store. There will also be cross progression and play between all systems. The update will include seven new updates including Hex-a-Ring, Volleyfall, Speed Circuit, Track Attack, Bounce Party, The Swiveller, and Blast Ball. There will be another new event that hasn't been announced yet that will be launching later this season.  

Fall Guys has been one of my favorite games of the last few years and is something that I still play regularly and personally I feel the game has only gotten better as time has gone on with all the updates and new events. I am so excited for this update as I will now be able to play this game with friends who have a Switch and have been waiting for it to come to new systems.