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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII Reunion and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth announced at 25th year anniversary stream

by: Henry -
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Today was the special 25th anniversary stream of the beloved Final Fantasy VII franchise. Square Enix finally announced Part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series. Titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, this will be the second of a three part remake series of the original game. Director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned that game development progress has been "progressing rapidly since we adopted a new development structure," and that Part 3 is already in development as well. Rebirth will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 5 Winter 2023.

The other main game announced during this event was Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which is a reimagining of the original Crisis Core on the PlayStation Portable that follows protagonist Zack Fair during his time as a Soldier for the Shinra Electric Power Company. Narratively speaking, it is a prequel to the entirety of events from the original Final Fantasy VII. Crisis Core Reunion is launching on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam Winter 2022.

Check out the announcement trailer for Part 2 of Final Fantasy VII Remake below:

Check out the announcement trailer for Crisis Core Reunion below: