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Zero hand holding in Shockwave: Land of the Blind

by: Elliot -
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I was a bit surprised when I watched the trailer for Shockwave: Land of the Blind. The trailer makes the game look beautiful. Shockwave: Land of the Blind takes place in modern-day Syria and, "tells the story of Jerome Kowalsky, an ex-military Sapper who has recently been tasked with a peacekeeping force as a contract bomb defusal expert. He finds himself pitted against the destructive genius of a determined bombmaker, who is pitting his own wits, knowledge and expertise in the ultimate face off.” The game will have a strong focus on stealth and intel gathering because stages will have multiple paths and be multi-layered. It also sounds like it might be made for the hardcore among us as there’s apparently no quest markers, mini map, or radar to expose threats. Something that you don’t see too often.

First person immersive bomb disposal game Shockwave: Land of the Blind is coming to Steam in early 2023.