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DIGIMON SURVIVE shows off new trailer ahead of July release

by: Elliot -
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DIGIMON SURVIVE is one of those games I’m looking to tackle sometime this summer. Bandai Namco Entertainment  has just released a new trailer that highlights the game’s setting and story. “DIGIMON SURVIVE sends players to a mysterious world filled with dangerous monsters and deadly battles that will test their ability to survive. Stepping into the shoes of protagonist Takuma Momozuka, players will have the ability to directly impact the outcome of their adventure via a variety of potentially grim choices, including how their Digimon evolve, the way they bond with NPCs, and more.”

DIGIMON SURVIVE, the hybrid visual novel and tactical RPG, is coming to PlayStation 4 (PlayStation5 compatible), Xbox One (Xbox Series X|S compatible), Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 29.