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Dragon Age coming to Netflix

by: Rob -
More On: Dragon Age: Absolution

Video game crossovers were once the realm of near absolute and total ridicule (looking at you Uwe Boll), but trends lately have been quite the opposite. You have a mix of solid if not spectacular silver screen releases like the Tomb Raider reboot and Uncharted debut, and actually some outright excellent streaming content in shows like Netflix's Castlevavia series and Arcane - a League of Legends based storyline that might have been the best episodic series of all of 2021 for me. In that same vein comes another Netflix special, Dragon Age: Absolution

Absolution is set in an empire within the Dragon Age universe, Tevinter, and was created with input from BioWare. It will debut this December, so it's still a ways from release, but something to look forward. Hopefully this trend of quality video game to television and film translations continue, with HBO's live action The Last of Us production also on the horizon for 2023.