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Barkhan is inspired by RTS classics, demo now avaliable

by: Elliot -
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My biggest first-world-problem with Steam Next Fest are all the demos that are made available to try. In a perfect world I would try everything, but I just know that is not the case, so I prioritize. One of those games making the priority list is RTS Barkhan. “Travel to a distant desert planet and take command of one of three clans embroiled in an unending conflict for control over the rare minerals scattered across the planet’s surface.”

Barkhan is inspired by classics like Dune II and Dune 2000.Each of the three warring factions will have unique strengths, and weaknesses, so picking the right playstyle for your interplanetary domination will require a little thought. The clan of Power relies on heavy-armored vehicles, while the clan of Will has speed and precision. And lastly the clan of Trickery uses high-tech and stealth to win. Barkhan will also have a fully fledged campaign, as well as the ability to play with friends or solo.

The demo for Barkhan is now available for Windows and Linux via Steam and stays that way throughout Steam Next Fest (June 13th - June 20th).