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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is no longer a silent movie - surprise voice-over patch drops today

by: Eric -
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I had a lot of issues with the silence in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. While I enjoyed aspects of the game, I ultimately gave it an overall score of 7.0 (which is "Average" in the Gaming Nexus lexicon). A lot of the reason for the game not scoring higher was the strange silence of the characters. The fact that the characters are silent while delivering and receiving smacks to the dome just feel weird - like peering through a portal to another dimension but not being able to hear anything.

That is no longer an issue. Just in time for the game's release as part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for June, developer GameMill Entertainment today announced a patch that adds full voiceover to the game - with many of the original performers reprising their characters. These are some pretty big names in the voiceover game, including SpongeBob (Tom Kenny), Ren & Stimpy (Billy West), Garfield (Frank Welker), Patrick Star (Bill Fagerbakke), Korra (Janet Varney).

In addition to the voices, items have been added to the game, which will only give it more life. Now you will be able to pick up stuff and whack your buddies with it - a welcome addition indeed. 

I've decided to redownload All-Star Brawl and give it another shot. I feel like this patch is going to make a huge difference in the playability of this game; sound is half of the experience. The patch is now live for free on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, with Nintendo Switch scheduled to receive the voiceovers "soon".