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Try Mario Strikers: Battle League ahead of the June 10 release

by: Elliot -
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I am patiently awaiting Mario Strikers: Battle League. The full game launches for the Nintendo Switch on June 10. If, like me, you just can not wait that long I have some good news for you. The Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick demo event is now available to download for free in Nintendo eShop and in the My Nintendo Store, and is open to all Nintendo Switch Online members, as well as anyone using a free Nintendo Switch Online seven-day trial. I’m hoping this will give me a leg up on all those ten year olds who don’t know about the demo.

The Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick demo event includes access to online team battles, available June 3-5, as well as a training mode and some pre-season “friendlies” (I’ve been told that’s a soccer term). The training mode will teach you all of the basics, shooting, passing, and tackles. The demo will even cover more advanced moves and skills. You’ll be able to take on other strikers online in team battles at the following times:

  • June 3, 11pm-12am EST
  • June 4, 7-8am EST
  • June 4, 3-4pm EST
  • June 4, 11pm-12am EST
  • June 5, 7-8am EST
  • June 5, 3-4pm EST