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Heads up 2D3D fans - Codename: Wandering Sword brings a Wuxia-style adventure to Steam

by: Eric -
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Codename: Wandering Sword, currently under development by indie game studio Xiameng, is bringing a huge open world RPG Wuxia-style adventure to Steam. But the best news about the game? Take a look at this trailer:

Yup, it looks like Nintendo isn't the only publisher capable of putting out games in the beloved 2D3D graphical style, because Xiameng is absolutely nailing it in this game, using Unreal Engine to give the game that modern/classic look.

Codename: Wandering Sword also promises to bring a cool choice of combat styles to players when it arrives, allowing you to choose between traditional turn-based combat and real-time combat, depending on how you like to handle baddies. The game also boasts realistic NPCs, with advanced behavioral AI which allows them to take on their own study of martial arts to grow their own power. The game promises that you will be able to recruit most characters to come along with your party, making the game very open-ended.

There is no official release date listed yet for Codename: Wandering Sword, but you can keep an eye on the game's progress at the official Steam page.