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Milestone announces Looney Tunes expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed

by: Eric -
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Milestone Games' Hot Wheels Unleashed is the game that just keeps on giving. Way back when the game was first announced, Milestone promised ongoing support based on some of the world's most famous and beloved properties. They weren't kidding. So far, fans of Hot Wheels Unleashed have gotten:

  • DC Super Heroes Racing Season
  • Monster Trucks Expansion
  • Batman Expansion
  • Free Seasonal expansions and content packs
  • A mountain of DLC cars based on real life cars, TMNT, Street Fighter, Barbie, and many others

The expansions aren't just cars, nor are the content packs. There are new maps, new settings and obstacles for the track builder, new decorations for your in-game basement. It's all just kind of ridiculous. Every time I log in, I check the DLC on the PlayStation Store, and there's a ton of new stuff to download.

Anyhow, that all leads us to this afternoon, when Milestone announced the next full expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed, this time based on Looney Tunes. The expansion is expected to hit in July, and there aren't a lot of specifics yet. But we do know from a recent press release that the Looney Tunes expansion will include "new vehicles, track builder environments, customization items, and more."

The Looney Tunes Expansion will be included in the Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 3, or can be purchase separately. Beyond the Looney Tunes stuff, Pass Vol. 3 will include nine vehicles, three customization packs, and three Track Builder modules. The Pass will be available for purchase on June 9, but the stuff will trickle in during the following months.