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Rolling Gunner + Over Power headed to Playstation

by: Rob -
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Rolling Gunner, a well-received side scrolling bullet hell shooter previously released for Switch and PC, is headed over to Sony's console. The game will launch for PS4 with the Over Power DLC included in the package. Over Power takes the side scroller into twin stick shooter territory making for a nice gameplay combo between the two. There are three ships to choose from across the game's six levels. More than just cosmetic choices each ship has its own unique firing pattern. The gameplay includes various difficulty modes, full-screen end bosses, and more that really harken back to the glory days of side scrolling shooters, but also global leaderboards and a replay mode that brings that experience into the modern age. 

We haven't covered Rolling Gunner before but the Switch version sits on an 84 rating on MetaCritic and the PS4 Version is available now in the PLayStation store