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Teaser for The Chant shows how messing with cults can get you in trouble

by: Eric -
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I have a few rules in life that I like to live by when it comes to spiritual issues. You can really boil my beliefs down to my "Theorem on Ouija Boards". Simply stated, it goes like this: If Ouija Boards are real, then they are stupid, and you shouldn't mess with them. If Ouija Boards are not real, then they are stupid, and you shouldn't mess with them.

You can apply this theorem to any number of spiritual matters, from Tarot cards to astrology, but you should especially heed it when it comes to hanging out with weird cults that like to chant in ancient languages. Either you are sitting there wasting your time mouthing along with nonsense, or you are tapping into ancient powers that will rise up and ravage your soul. Either way, you should probably stop.

In The Chant, an upcoming horror game by developer Brass Token, a 1970s new age cult opened a portal to who-knows-what while they were hanging out in their weird hex-a-dome and opening themselves up to "the eternal". Years later, the player comes along and has to deal with the toxic spiritual sludge these berobed losers left behind (when they presumedly all went nuts and ate each other). Check out the teaser trailer here:

Yup. Some sort of demonic leach named "The Gloom" that feeds off your negative energy, "driving you mad by preying on anxieties and fears, and manifesting them as interdimensional creatures". Thanks a lot, hippies!

The Chant is scheduled to release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 at an undisclosed date in the future.