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Here's gameplay footage of Nightwing and Red Hood in Gotham Knights

by: John -
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Gotham Knights has experienced a delay, but it's on track to be released this October 25th. While we wait, Warner Bros has released a new 13 minute video showcasing the two past Robins: Nightwing and Red Hood.

You can see the two unique fighting styles with Nightwing being acrobatic while Red Hood's a man who is more hard hitting including the use of guns with non lethal ammo.

At certain times, you can perform team up moves with your partner should you have two people playing at once.

One interesting aspect of the game is you can change up the UI to better suit you. There aren't many games that let you customize how the UI looks on your screen, but Gotham Knights will indeed let you do that.

Gotham Knights will be out October 25th for the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. That's right, no Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version for this one.