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Fight off the Ancient Ones with friends in Sker Ritual

by: Elliot -
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Sker Ritual is an upcoming 1-4 player co-op, round-based, survival shooter. Face off against hordes of familiar enemies, supercharged with unique supernatural powers. The new trailer shows off the teleporting Banshee, the lethal Mariner, and the invisible Phantom. Sker Ritual can be played with up to four people, but is not required. Intensity of the hordes is based on the number of players, so a solo win is very achievable. The game features upgradeable steam-punk weapons, interchangeable masks and mysterious story objectives from writing talent behind Maid of Sker, Battlefield 1 and Total War: Rome II

Sker Ritual is coming to PC (Steam) this summer. There will also be a new-gen launch later in the year. Overall I really dig the aesthetic of Sker Ritual. The hardest part for me will be finding three other people to play with.