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Souldiers hits all platforms June 2

by: Elliot -
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Usually when I hear about a game being delayed I get a little bummed out. In the case of action-RPG Souldiers I’m totally fine with it. If it wasn’t delayed I may never have stumbled upon it to put into my wish list. Originally planned for a May 19th launch it has instead been pushed back to June 2nd. 

Souldiers combines the explorations of a metroidvania with soulslike comba into one pixelart package. “Players take on the role of either scout, caster or archer, battling for freedom in Terragaya, a mystical land on the border between life and death. Each class has its own unique attacks along with different agility, attack, defense, and health stats.” In addition you can personally choose which branches of unlockable skills and trees to play with.

Souldiers releases on June 2nd for Switch, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. You can add the game to your Steam Wishlist before the release.