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Terraria and Don't Starve Together crossover on consoles and mobile

by: Rob -
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Terraria, which won the "Labor of Love" award in the most recent Steam Awards is continuing to push out content. This time their world experiences a crossover with Don't Starve Together, the multiplayer expansion to the hit survival game Don't Starve. This crossover world, titled "The Constant" introduces "whimsical-yet-dangerous environments" with new encounter mechanics, pets, weapons, equipment, emotes, and bosses. Like any good survival crossover you will need to stave off starvation take hold of the Tentacle Spike, and best the monstrous Deerclops. 

The crossover is part of the 1.4.3 patch. The patch notes are here and the patch is live as of last week. Terraria is playable on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android, and PC via Stadia or Steam.