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Physics-based Knight Crawlers reveals new demo

by: Elliot -
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Physics-based dungeon crawler Knight Crawlers will have a playable demo at Steam's "Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence" festival. The game is set to release on Steam sometime in Q4 2022. What has interested me in Knight Crawlers are the ragdoll combat physics that allows for endless runs. The game will also have a co-op and PvP mode.

“Play as a Crawler and fight your way through the Lost Realms, picking up new equipment and skills by defeating waves of enemies in wacky, physics-based combat. Knight Crawlers has a roguelite progression system, allowing players to pick up permanent bonuses between runs, as well as a wide variety of physical, ranged, and magical weapons to learn and master.”

Some of the key features of the game include:

  • Physics-based combat - Fight your way through hordes of enemies with melee weapons ranging from large mighty hammers to long-handled flails. If close combat isn't your style, wands, staves, and bows give you a leg up for ranged battles.
  • Brawl it or crawl it - Crawling through the realms doesn't have to be a lonely affair. Enter PvP arenas to test your skills against other crawlers or team up to fight the horde together.
  • Crawl it your way - Whether it’s dominion points, skill cards, or weapons, each choice makes every crawl unique.
  • Crafting brings great power - Crafting powerful equipment and deadly weapons will be the difference between making it out alive or being overrun by hordes of enemies.
  • Dominions - Dominions are the talents you learn after every crawl. Choose between several dominion classes to specialize your skills and add to your arsenal of astral defenses.

You can currently wishlist Knight Crawlers on Steam.