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What goes into GeForce NVIDIA drivers

by: John -
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It's not only important to have great hardware, it's also equally as important to have good quality drivers to run that hardware on your machine. Without good stable drivers, the hardware isn't worth running if it's not stable and performant.

That's where the GeForce Game Ready Drivers come in. They are released on the day of some of the popular games to ensure you get the best gaming performance at that time. But did you know there's a lot that goes through in making sure these drivers are stable?

NVIDIA's video below gives a great run down on how they work with the developers on creating day one game drivers as well as working with Microsoft to ensure each driver released is WHQL certified. They've been at this a while releasing over 150 drivers with 20 releases last year alone.

With that, we have new NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers today headlined by support for Dune: Spice Wars. There are other fixes and improvements as well to make your NVIDIA card run its best.

Check out the video below to get a lot more insight on the whole Game Ready Driver process from NVIDIA.