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Godzilla and King Kong coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

by: Rob -
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Forget about that Snoop Dogg news. I don't care how much weed he stuffs into a bullet shell, it won't even tickle either of these titans. Looks like the speculation on the teasers were correct and Godzilla and Kong are, in fact, coming to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Operation Monarch kicks off May 11th, two weeks after the start of season 3 of Warzone: Pacific which is a week from now, April 27th. There is still is no press release I've seen, but the teaser trailer is out and below, so stay tuned for more details about how introducing massive building sized monsters will effect the Warzone game world. It would be awesome if you didn't jump from the plane in time and it reached say, the second half of the map then at any point Kong could leap up and just smash the entire plane from the air and eliminate the procrastinators right from the game before they even dropped in. But if you timed it right you'd have that second half of the map initially all to yourself, a little risk/reward. Just spitballin' here...