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Stress Level Zero's follow up to Boneworks, Bonelab looks to take VR physics to the next level

by: John -
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Boneworks is one pretty awesome game in VR and really showcases how well done physics can make a game really fun. Stress Level Zero is back with a follow up to Boneworks called Bonelab and it's going to not only be available on the PC, but the Quest 2 as well.

The developers of Bonelab have stated that being on the Quest 2 won't limit the physics available in the game and that you'll get the same great gameplay whether you're on the PC or the Quest 2.

The trailer starts at a more medieval type setting, which is way different than how Boneworks is but then you see it's just a facade. Those weird polygon enemies are back along with some new ones as well. The climbing, gunplay, and world interaction you've come to know and love with Boneworks is all demonstrated in Bonelab and you can bet like their past games, there's going to be some really mind twisting puzzles and reveals as you go through the game.

There's going to be a mod option so the community can create content for Bonelab. I can't wait to see what the folks come up with.

Bonelabs is expected to be out sometime this year for both the Quest 2 and the PC.