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Cities: VR will let you build and experience your city like never before

by: John -
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Cities: Skyline is an awesome city building simulator and it's coming to VR in a big way. Cities: VR will immerse you the virtual city you build letting you get in real close and even street level to really take in the fruits of your labor.

Putting things on the landscape looks pretty easy with the Quest 2 controllers letting you drag out areas, roadways, and terrain manipulation. Placing items is as easy as pointing on the ground with your controller and clicking a button with a nice little laser pointer showing you exactly where it's going to go. Controls look pretty intuitive from the trailer.

I've always wanted to build a city and walk around it in VR and it looks like Cities: VR will fulfill that dream. Not only will you have an astonishing view of your city from far away to let you see all the happenings, but being able to zoom in and get a real sense of scale from what you build sounds truly awesome.

Cities: VR will be out on the Quest 2 next week on April 28th so not too long from now!