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Be an NFL QB in NFL Pro Era

by: John -
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The first NFL licensed VR game, NFL Pro Era puts you in the role of an NFL QB. I think VR's a great way to experience a sports game and seeing through the eyes of the QB looks pretty wild.

You'll get access to all 32 teams in NFL Pro Era and having the ability to actually throw the ball with your hands should be pretty fun. Just seeing a linebacker come barrel down at you is going to be pretty intense.

The goal is the Super Bowl so you're going to have to hone your skills by doing drills as you maneuver through the regular season and playoffs in order to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Here's hoping you get to pick it up in VR and parade it around just like in real life.

From the sounds of it, you'll also be able to play catch with friends, which would be kinda cool.

Fall 2022 is the release window for this one to capitalize on the upcoming NFL season and it'll be on both Meta Quest and PlayStation VR.