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Make your own obscure references when RiffTrax: The Game releases on May 5th

by: Eric -
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If you haven't watched RiffTrax' seminal classic, you have not lived a full and complete life. I could explain Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny to you, but instead I choose to post the entire film here on Gaming Nexus. If even one of you chooses to watch it, the world will be a slightly richer place.

So yeah, RiffTrax - like its predecessor Mystery Science Theater 3000 - feels like a few dudes in a room making fun of bad movies. But of course, it isn't as simple as all that. The jokes on RiffTrax are actually meticulously crafted for speed and impact, making riffing on movies a skill that looks easy but is likely far more difficult than any of us imagine.

We'll all be able to find out on May 5th, when RiffTrax: The Game releases on PC and consoles. Set up similar to a Jackbox game, RiffTrax: The Game will allow up to six players to write their own jokes to over 250 movie clips, using their phones as input devices. RiffTrax will then use text-to-speech tech to read your jokes over the movie clips, before everyone gets to vote on which jokes are best. This will lead to hilarity if you have the right friends and no small amount of anxiety if you don't.  

Twitch players should take special note, as their chat can get in on the game with Twitch chat voting, and special tools that will keep the stream from getting flagged with content warnings. 

RiffTrax: The Game releases on May 5th on PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC.