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Mootroidvania Moo Lander arrives May 27

by: Elliot -
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Moo-ve over regular old Metroidvania, your time to shine has come and gone. Make way for the next big thing, the Mootroidvania. You know what else has had its hay-day, gas. Luckily in Moo Lander milk is the ultimate energy source, second only to exploding stars. The problem is that milk is becoming a rarer and rarer commodity, forcing us to search the stars for the useful dairy product. “Cruise over peaceful grazing fields and into sinister dungeons searching for the milk source and uncovering the secrets of the Mighty Cows. You’ll need to take stock of the situation before stampeding in.” Developer The Sixth Hammer is touting a campaign that will take over 12 hours. Moo Lander also has couch multiplayer where you can play as a Mighty Cow - PvP, PvE and even Football modes.

Moo Lander, the bovine 2D adventure platformer, makes its way to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC May 27. A Nintendo Switch version is planned for fall of 2022.