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Atari's Kominera gets a very wide release on consoles, PC, and mobile

by: Eric -
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It's not terribly often that we get to trumpet the release of a new Atari game, but it seems like today is that day. Well, yesterday, actually. On Thursday April 7, Atari released Kombinera, a cool new arcade puzzle game on just about every non-streaming platform under the sun.

Kombinera has a simple concept - get all of the little glowing balls on the screen to join with each other while avoiding various obstacles. The hook? You control all of the balls simultaneously, meaning that if you push right on the analog stick, all of the balls roll to the right. That means that players must carefully measure each movement, using walls to restrict movement of certain balls in order to get the desired result. Sound confusing? It's not, but it is brain-bending and kinda tough. Take a look at this Games N Moorer video to see how it all works:

Each puzzle is harder than the last, and Kombinera promises over 300 levels, which means that puzzle fans will be ripping veins out of their own necks in frustration for hours and hours. 

Developed by Graphite Lab, Kobinera is now available for $14.99 on Atari VCS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, iOS and Android devices, and PC on Steam and Epic Games Store. All the things.