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Slipstream brings real-deal 80s arcade racing to consoles

by: Eric -
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Site-favorite publisher Blitworks yesterday released Slipstream, the new 80s-style arcade racer from developer ansdor (ansdor doesn't capitalize their name - that's not a typo). 

Why do I call Slipstream the real deal? Because the game uses sprite scaling graphics in a custom-built engine to deliver a authentic 80s racer to consoles, that's why. I mean, just look at this thing. If you don't immediately get Outrun/Hang On shakes, then...well...you were too young to steal quarters out of your dad's change jar to play those games down at the 7-11, I guess.

Slipstream offers up to four player multiplayer on splitscreen, and it has the modern convenience of the beloved "Rewind" button that so many of us are dependent on. There are 20 tracks, five playable cars, and - get this - you can reduce the game's run speed to 50% so you have more time to react. They must know that I'm getting old.

Slipstream is now available on PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for $9.99.