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Sports/shooter hybrid Shootball Arena is coming to Steam Early Access on April 8

by: Eric -
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When it comes to weird futuristic sports games, you never know what is going to hit and what is going to slide into obscurity. Did anyone really expect Rocket League to still be around after all these years? Did any of us know that Knockout City was going to have the staying power it has? Hell, I still break out the PS1 on occasion to play a few rounds of Pitball. If the controls are tight and the action is fun, anything can develop a dedicated audience.

Which brings us to Shootball Arena, the hybrid third-person shooter/sports game from developer ZocaLight. Coming to Steam Early Access on April 8, Shootball Arena has players bouncing around arenas (there are three in the EA version) on team of up to three players, trying to shoot a ball into goal with a variety of weapons. Hey, we've played weirder stuff, right?

The team at ZocaLight seem dedicated to taking community suggestions during the Early Access period to help improve the game. If you want to help refine the Shootball Arena experience, you can wishlist the game here on Steam