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Details emerge on Dying Light next-gen performance upgrades

by: Rob -
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With the fairly recent release of the sequel, you'd expect breaking news from Techland and the Dying Light franchise to center around the newest entry in the series. But no, in this post we are actually talking about the original first person runner survival game. With today's release. Dying Light players can now enjoy much improved visual by toggling modes on PS5 with improvements incoming soon for Xbox Series X|S. Performance mode locks the frame rate at 60 FPS in 1080p. Balanced mode "targets" 60 FPS at 1440p, and High-Resolution mode drops to 30 FPS but in 4k resolution. Even last-get PS4 Pro's are getting a bump to an improved 30 FPS cap. Xbox Series X consoles will eventually hit the same PS5 caps but that update is not live today. Xbox One and Series S consoles will get a slightly lesser spec'ed Performance mode (30 FPS at 1080p) and High-Resolution mode (30 FPS at 1440p).

Full details are available on the Techland blog: https://dl1.dyinglightgame.com/news/next-gen-patch-for-console-available-now/ 

Beyond the blog there aren't any official media sources detailing the upgrades that I could found, but I will plump a description video produced for Dying Light 2 detailing the various modes below, as the content is similar even if the target this time is one entry earlier in the series.