What we're playing this weekend

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Rany Kalista- Staff Writer
Rayman Raving Rabbids is the first game I've ever gotten the wifey to play for more than five minutes -- and she dang loves it.  So, in the spirit of keeping our young marriage solid and functional, the 360 will see more time for those crazy "WAAAUUUGH!!!"-ing rabbity things (sorry, Max) …  NCsoft's new Diablo-styled free-to-play MMO, Dungeon Runners, is just pure pick-up-and-play fun.  It's plenty tongue in cheek, it's plenty smash n' grab, and it's plenty Warcraft in the art direction.

Dan Keener - Staff Writer
Well, for the first time in a long time I am fully functional with a Gaming quality PC and my Xbox 360 up and running.  I plan to be playing Xbox 360 and PC versions of Shadowrun (the game is fun when you know wtf you are doing), Halo 2 Vista, whore some achievement points on Test Drive Unlimited for the 360 and get into the paint shop on Forza 2.  Oh yeah, when I'm on vacation in a couple weeks it will be PSP city.

Matt Mirkovich - staff Writer
This weekend won't have a whole lot of time for gaming but when I am, it'll be spent playing some Final Fantasy Fables; Chocobo Tales, since I'll be spending a lot of time being carted around the Bay Area. I'm hoping to get in a quick stop at Sunnyvale Golfland since they have Pop'n Music Fever, complete with Mario Bros music. Here's a YouTube link.   Granted I'm not at the EX difficulty but it's still a whole lot of fun. They also have Beatmania IIDX GOLD and man that is a lot of fun, and it features a song from Elebits! And last but not least, AS MUCH ODIN SPHERE AS I CAN! I'm at the final chapter, so close to beating it, a review is coming soon I swear.

Shawn Sines- Staff Writer
This week is all about relaxing. I'm playing Tomb Raider Anniversary -  which is a nice update with some nostalgia thrown in. Surf's Up for  the 360 is a surprising blast to play for a kids same and of course  Lord of the Rings Online when I can.

Rachel Steiner- Staff Writer
This weekend I'm sticking with my Pokemon games. Pokemon Diamond, I'm mostly just working on completing my Pokedex and in Pokemon Ranger I need to beat the game in order to complete my Pokedex in Diamond. So the two games go hand in hand. I'm also as always working on Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and will also be playing Command and Conquer 3 for the PC.

Charles Husemann - Editor in Chief
The reason this is late is because I've become completely engrossed in the Sins of a Solar Empire beta.  There's a pretty big learning curve and I'm still learning build orders and what not but this game is going to be awesome if it's as good as this beta is letting on.  If I can pry myself away from Sins I'm going to get a little quality time in with Shadowrun and maybe some more QT with the Project Sylpheed demo.