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Latest World of Warships update takes to the skies

by: Russell -
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World of Warships update 0.11.1 is here is brings new ships, a new battle type, and a long-awaited nation. First off it's time to take to the skies as World of Warships introduces not one, but two new Super Aircraft Carriers that will celebrate both the US and British naval powers with The Eagle from the British Navy, as well as a recreation of some unfinish plans from 1949 for the United States. Both ships will have standard and tactical squadrons.

Next up is the new battle type called Dirigible Derby. This is a brand-new temporary game mode where teams of twelve will face off in a Tier X ship showdown escorting the iconic airships to their destinations. This is actually based on historic tactical warfare where diplomats would be escorted to conduct negotiations in neutral territories, so think of it like an escort mission of sorts. Finally, the new update will allow players to take part in Personal Challenges to earn the most XP possible while mixing up different ship types and nations. Rewards include the Royal Navy's Dido cruiser as well as the first of the Spanish ships in the game, the heavy cruiser Canarias.

More info can be found at www.wargaming.com.