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Want to pet a dog with your hands in Skyrim VR? Grab a limb and hack it? This upcoming mod can make it happen.

by: John -
More On: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

I'm always amazed at what some of the modding community can do to Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. The game hasn't been officially updated since April 27 of 2018 but many others have been adding things like full body views, real interactions with objects in the world, and of course graphical improvements. What we have below is another big leap in VR immersion with this game.

A modder is working on the ability for weapon interactions but also having it affect the physical objects and people in the world. We're talking the ability to grab someone's and chopping away at it with an axe. How about using a spear and pushing a spider away? And I'm sure many people's favorite will be petting a dog and having its head move realistically with your touch.

While the original release was good for its day, we've come a long way from what it was with the help of the community. I'm really looking forward to this mod from the preview below and it's crazy how a few folks out there can do something like this without access to the source code.