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Chocobo GP pre-orders are now open for a March 10 release

by: Eric -
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Chocobo GP, the Final Fantasy-based cart racer, is rounding the final bend in anticipation of its March 11 release. With a bunch of cool characters from the franchise and tracks inspired by both Final Fantasy and Chocobo games, this looks like one of those racers that all players can enjoy - hardcore fans, casual fans, even little kids. Which is great for me, because I'm a hardcore fan, and the only people in my house that will play with me are little kids. 

Chocobo GP will be releasing in two versions - a free-to-play "lite" version that offers a couple of racers that can be used in the single player prologue, as well as all of the online multiplayer modes. For those that enjoy the game (or those that know ahead of time that they will dig it) a premium version is available, which will unlock the full story mode and a bunch of other characters and goodies. 

Square Enix has also announced seasonal content. The first season will revolve around a 64-player bracket-style tournament - Chocobo GP Mode. Each season will last around two months, and will bring the usual array of season prizes. And of course, a "Prize Pass" will be available for purchase, which will give players even more prizes to race for. Players logging in during the first season will obtain enough goodies as a bonus to unlock Cloud as a playable character. You know Cloud, I know Cloud, we all want Cloud.

It seems like Square Enix has the whole structure ready to roll when the game launches on March 11. Those interested can find more details (and pre-order) at the official site.