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Children of Morta finally getting co-op mode

by: Elliot -
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I first picked up Children of Morta in late 2019. The game had caught my interest when I stumbled upon it while it was in development. The pixel style art, and my recent infatuation for Roguelike games made it an easy purchase. I enjoyed the heck out of the game. Every character and class played differently enough that I wanted to replay the game just to try and level all of the characters to their max. Also a Roguelike that can incorporate an excellent story is something that is hard to find.

With most of the updates I found myself jumping in once again, if even for a shorter time than my first playthrough. I kept waiting for the update that was going to allow co-op play. Well, finally after seven free updates the eighth, and final one, The Fellowship Sanctuary will be out on February 14th, at least for Steam players. On top of adding co-op there will also be a free to play offer on Steam, so you can see if the game is the right fit for you. Co-op is coming to consoles, but, “In efforts to assure the same quality across all platforms, the development team is adamant to get everything right before releasing it. We don’t currently have a release window on this update, but endeavor to keep all our valued console players in the know as development continues. We truly appreciate our community’s continued patience and support in this matter.”