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Two hours of Dying Light 2 co-op gameplay

by: Eric -
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Our Dying Light 2 review is still pending, as we are late bloomers who haven't had enough time with the game yet to form full impressions. However, last night after the Day One patch went live, my son Aidan and I were able to jump into Dying Light 2 for a couple of hours of co-op play, which we streamed from our PS5s over YouTube.

Co-op in Dying Light 2 is interesting. You can take up to four players into your game, having them help you progress quests and open up territories. The game progress only counts towards the host's game, but any character progress is retained for each individual player. It's a neat solution that allows guest players to still feel like they aren't wasting their time, allowing them to power up a bit for their own playthrough. Loot is available across the board, meaning that whenever anyone opens a chest, everybody gets their own instanced loot. 

We hopped into Aidan's game, as he is a bit earlier in the campaign than I am. We had a blast running a few early quests and learning how the game handles different situations. I'm not 100% certain on this, but it did seem as though Dying Light 2 populated areas with more and tougher zombies when we ran multiplayer than it did when I crept through these areas solo. The idea that the game might scale enemies in multiplayer is intriguing, as it would prevent players from forming powerful teams to just crush the game.

Dying Light 2 will be available on February 4 on all consoles (even Switch gets a cloud version) and PC, so you'll be able to take a swipe at the game yourself. I'm still forming my opinions, but so far I love everything I see. I think you can expect a pretty high score on this one when our review goes live.