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Nintendo moves Kirby and the Forgotten Land up to March 25

by: Eric -
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In an era where all gaming fans seem to hear is "delay, delay, delay", trust Nintendo to deliver a ray of sunshine-y good news. Kirby and the Forgotten Land was originally rumored to release in Autumn 2022, but Nintendo today announced that the game will actually now release on March 25. 

You can check out the brand spanking new trailer here:

In this new, fully 3D adventure, Kirby finds himself (itself?) in a strange new world, where nature and a past civilization have become intermingled. Waddle Dees are being kidnapped by the Beast Pack, and this simply will not stand. So Kirby sets off on a mission to free the Waddle Dees and get to the bottom of what's happening. The entire game is playable in two-player, with the second player joining Kirby as "Banana Waddle Dee" - a spear-wielding partner-in-crime.

Kirby will also be inhaling some new abilities this time around, with the Drill and Ranger copy abilities, allowing him to attack from below and from a distance. This morning's press release also speaks to a new hub area - the Waddle Dee town - which will grow and change as Kirby rescues more inhabitants. This will open up new shops and minigames for players to enjoy.

If you, like me, are a little behind on your Kirby lore, take a listen to this episode of the Gaming Nexus show, where Max leads the gang through the history of Kirby villain Meta Knight. It's quite a ride.